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MGO (Marine Gas Oil) is a type of fuel used in ships, characterized by low viscosity and cleaner emissions. It is derived from the distillation of crude oil and is a more refined fuel compared to HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil).


Cleaner Combustion

MGO contains lower sulfur and pollutants compared to HFO, resulting in cleaner combustion and reduced environmental impact.

Ease of Use

With lower viscosity, MGO is easier to use and store. It also leads to less maintenance for engines.



MGO is more expensive than HFO, which limits its widespread use despite its advantages.

Energy Density

MGO has slightly lower energy density than HFO, potentially leading to higher fuel consumption on long voyages.

Environmental Impacts

Low Sulfur Emissions

MGO significantly reduces emissions of sulfur oxides (SOx), aligning with IMO 2020 regulations.

Reduced Particulate Matter

MGO usage results in lower particulate matter and other harmful emissions compared to HFO, contributing positively to air quality.

In conclusion, MGO stands out as a more environmentally friendly and cleaner alternative fuel for ships, albeit with higher costs and slightly lower energy density as drawbacks.

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He served as the 2nd Officer on Aframax, Suezmax crude oil and chemical tankers. After working as Deputy Crew Manager, he served as Assistant DPA / HSEQ Officer.

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