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What is MARSEC?

MARSEC is short for Maritime Security. It covers the security of shipping structures such as ships, shipyards and ports in the marine area. In order to ensure this security, international law and standards have been determined.
It is a system used to ensure the safety of maritime sectors such as maritime transport and the maritime economy. MARSEC covers international law and standards for the identification, prevention and management of hazards and risks in the marine area. These standards determine the security measures of many organizations and countries that aim to ensure maritime security. MARSEC helps prevent crimes in the marine area and prevent dangerous situations such as terrorism, smuggling and hijacking. MARSEC consists of 3 levels.

Level 1

It means the level at which minimum appropriate protective security measures will always be maintained in accordance with the Ship Security Plan (SSP). MARSEC Level 1 is the minimum level that all ships will always comply with in the absence of dedicated communication for a higher MARSEC level.

Level 2

It means the level at which, as a result of the increased risk of security incidents, appropriate additional protective security measures will be maintained over a period of time in accordance with the SSP.

Level 3

While it is not possible to identify a target, it means the level at which further specific protective security measures will be maintained for a limited time in accordance with the SSP, where a security incident is likely or imminent.

Before entering a port or a port on the territory of a Contracting State, the ship must comply with the security level requirements set by that Contracting State if the security level in question is higher than the security level set by the Administration for that country.

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