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CSR stands for Continuous Synopsis Record. It is a document that contains all the important information about a ship and is necessary for the safe operation of the ship. The CSR document is issued by the ship’s flag state and must be kept on board the ship at all times.

The information contained in the CSR document includes:

  • Ship’s name, flag and IMO number
  • Ship’s type, size and tonnage
  • Ship’s year of build and class
  • Ship’s engine type and power
  • Ship’s carrying capacity
  • Ship’s equipment
  • Ship’s safety certificates

The purpose of the CSR document is to:

  • Document the identity and characteristics of the ship
  • Provide the information necessary for the safe operation of the ship
  • Facilitate the inspection of the ship by port and other maritime authorities

The CSR document is an important document in maritime and is necessary for the safe operation of the ship.

« Sözlük Dizinine Dön


He served as the 2nd Officer on Aframax, Suezmax crude oil and chemical tankers. After working as Deputy Crew Manager, he served as Assistant DPA / HSEQ Officer.

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