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Company Security Officer (CSO) in maritime refers to the person responsible for ensuring that a shipping company complies with the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.

The main duties of a CSO include:

  • Preparing and updating the Ship Security Plan (SSP) for all company vessels.
  • Ensuring regular audits of vessels’ compliance with the ISPS Code.
  • Notifying authorities of security breaches or threats.
  • Organizing training for personnel on the ISPS Code.
  • Contributing to the development and implementation of the company’s security policies and procedures.

The CSO plays a vital role in maritime security and helps to ensure the safety of the company’s vessels and personnel.

« Sözlük Dizinine Dön


He served as the 2nd Officer on Aframax, Suezmax crude oil and chemical tankers. After working as Deputy Crew Manager, he served as Assistant DPA / HSEQ Officer.

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