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Lady Zehma Had Failure in Bosphorus Strait

The MV Lady Zehma vessel, which departed from Ukraine, had engine failure in the Bosphorus. Last night (01.09.2022), the bulk carrier named MV Lady Zehma, which had a engine failure, anchored in Bebek. Journalist Cüneyt Özdemir, who was in the region at the time, shared the moment of the incident on his Twitter account.

General Directorate of Coastal Safety reported that MV Lady Zehma’s rudder failed, 5 tugboats and 2 boats were dispatched to the region and rescue teams boarded the vessel. The Bosphorus, which was closed to traffic during the incident, returned to normal after a while. The bulk carrier Lady Zehma was anchored in the Ahırkapı anchorage area under the coordination of the Istanbul Ship Traffic Services center, accompanied by a pilot, 5 tugboats and 3 boats.

Lady Zehma Vessel Details

IMO 9303431
Name Lady Zehma
Vessel Type Bulk Carrier
Flag Panama
GRT 20283
DWT 32328
LOA 172.9 mtr
Breadth 29.4 mtr
Construction Year 2005

In our research, we saw that Lady Zehma got 2 remarks during the inspection she entered on May 18, 2022 within the scope of Paris Mou, and one of these remarks was caused by auxiliary engines. However, we see that the ship was not detained because of this article written for auxiliary engines.


Area Defective Item Nature of Defect Ground for Detention RO Related Accidental Damage ISM + ISM Related
Labour conditions – Accommodation, recreational facilities, food and catering 18317 – Food personal hygiene Not hygienic
Propulsion and auxiliary machinery 13199 – Other (machinery) Other
TOTAL Other 0 0 0 0


According to the information obtained from the Joint Coordination Center of the United Nations Black Sea Grain Initiative, the MV Lady Zehma departed from the Ukrainian port of Chornomorsk to carry a 3000 MT corn to Italy.

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